Cold crops in the garden are in!

Did you know that I was a gardener? Ha ha! Me neither! However, I did decide I was gonna learn gardening a couple years ago! Since then it’s gone OK! Most of the time, I last until somewhere in the middle of August and then I quit! But this year I’m determined to garden all year around and my cold crops are giving me all the motivation to keep it up! (more…)

Celebrating all mothers by a not-yet mother

I Love celebrating all mothers. I’ve been mothered by more random people than perhaps any child should! That became so evidently clear when I made a family tree one time that looked so out of whack that I started to despise my life! There was my birth mom who passed me on to her sister in law, who passed my back to my mom who at this point had no business raising a pre-teen/ teenager! And then there was the single lady across the street from us who had no biological children on her own, who stepped in, started to feed me, take me to church, and mother me ! At the same time, my best friend’s mother would let me hang for hours when I wasn’t allowed to go home! At Church, I met a family who took me under their wings and introduced me to living life for Jesus! Like I said, I have been mothered by more people than is normal but I am so thankful for how to the Lord used all of these women to bless me and to bring me to Himself. (more…)

Vintage Market at The White Brick House

Thoughts On Our first Vintage Market With Video Tour

When I did the post a few weeks ago updating you guys on what I’ve been up to, one of the things I mentioned was that I opened up a shop in a vintage market place  in town called “The White Brick House!”  It’s actually a very beautiful place! It’s located in an old mansion formerly known as “Ashwood Manor” that was once part of Thomas Jefferson’s poplar forest and is said to have been the home of his daughter Martha! Now, it is known to us simply as “The White Brick House!”

Spring dining room tour! One tip that helped to brighten our dining room a whole lot!

Spring Dining room tour

Hey, hey, hey! I’m glad you came to hang out with me for my spring dining room tour! Spring has for sure sprung in our parts you guys! The weather is so nice! Although, I’m not sure that winter ever fully arrived! We had such a mild winter with many spring like days in February! But let me tell you, the mild winter did not help one bit with the itch that I normally have in the spring to de-clutter! I have adored our dining room the way I’ve had it the last year but it was time for change! In fact, the change was long overdue and I’ll tell you why in a bit. (more…)

spring vintage blue glass bottle centerpiece

Blue Glass Bottle Spring Centerpiece

You know guys? I’m never sure if I should describe myself as a seasonal decorator or not! Well compared to the lady who lives a few block from me whose front yard decor is ever-changing in favor of even the most obscure of holidays, I’m not a seasonal decorator! But, I do like for certain aspects of my decor to reflect the changing seasons! One very easy way that I like to do that is to change up the centerpiece on my dining room table every now and then! But to be honest, this year,  this blue glass bottle spring centerpiece happened totally by mistake! (more…)

Farmhouse Sheet Music Sign, Farmhouse Sign, Large sheet music sign, farmhouse inspired signs with sheet music

Farmhouse inspired signs with sheet music

Hi buds! So as promised, I’m back  to give you guys more details as to what I’ve been up to for the last six months!  Yesterday when I updated you guys on what I had been up to for the last few months, I mentioned what I would be talking about today, I teased you guys with a picture that had a ton of Farmhouse inspired signs with sheet music on them!  Well folks, the cat’s been out of the bag for a while now but unfortunately I’m a bad friend and forgot to share with you guys!  (more…)

So…what have I been up to?

Hi friends! So I feel like i owe you guys an explanation! Last year around this time I was tracking with you guys by-weekly, producing new content and was on a roll until one day, maybe in June, I  kind of dropped off the face of the planet and hardly posted anymore! So what happened? Did I experienced some great life change? Was blogging just a fluke for me?

How to Paint Chair Upholstery!

Do you guys know about my weirdness with old upholstered furniture? Well, its not all old upholstered furniture but certain fabric patterns, new or old,  that absolutely totally freak me out!  There a list long of problems with having that issue but one that is quickly rising to the top of the list is the fact that many old chairs have the perfect bone and shape to allow me to reach modern, french farm house seating perfection for a fraction of store prices but I can’t bring myself to work on most of them. Isn’t that sad?  So, believe me when I tell you that this project was a labor of love for our family although the original pattern on this one was subtle! But Ya’ll this labor of love was certainly worth it! (more…)

DIY Floral Wall Gallery

Hey Buds, I am a cheater! I did this DIY Floral Wall Gallery a while ago in the Summer time but thought i’d pretend that I just did it for Spring to share to with you. hehe. You know what? I don’t think you’ll care when you find out how easy this project is to do!