spring vintage blue glass bottle centerpiece

Blue Glass Bottle Spring Centerpiece

You know guys? I’m never sure if I should describe myself as a seasonal decorator or not! Well compared to the lady who lives a few block from me whose front yard decor is ever-changing in favor of even the most obscure of holidays, I’m not a seasonal decorator! But, I do like for certain aspects of my decor to reflect the changing seasons! One very easy way that I like to do that is to change up the centerpiece on my dining room table every now and then! But to be honest, this year,  this blue glass bottle spring centerpiece happened totally by mistake!


spring vintage blue glass bottle centerpiece


spring vintage blue glass bottle centerpiece


I hadn’t exactly planned what it is exactly that I was going to do with our dining room table but Easter was fast approaching and i had finally, that week, decided to have Easter dinner at our house and I needed something quick to put as our tablescape! I was coming from the grocery store on Thursday, of all days, and a man in my neighborhood was having a yard sale! Y’all know that I never pass up a yard sale if I can help it so I swooped my car around and made my way to this yard sale! Junk everywhere! But to my delight, there in the midst of all the random Thursday Yard Sale chaos awaited these 4 blue bottles for me to swoop up for my dining room table! um…yay me! by the way, I shared my 7 yard sale secrets 7 yard sale secrets  here if you want in on some of the yard sale action!

spring vintage blue glass bottle centerpiece

I cannot tell you one way on another if there’s anything special about these blue bottles! I don’t even know if they are truly vintage glass! I just know that they are lovely and  they are mine! They sat empty on the table for a while with 2 of them sitting a little high on the farmhouse tray. They looked very lovely in this simplicity but then I thought that some whimsical little flowers would give it a very ethereal look !

vintage blue glass bottles and peonies centerpiece

spring vintage blue glass bottle centerpiece

Well? It just so happens that I have some peonies, the mother of all elegance, blooming right now in my hard!!!  Definitely not whimsical but bold, strong, and stately. Perfect! Speaking of peonies, did you know that you can store peonies for month and months?

spring vintage blue glass bottle centerpiece

spring vintage blue glass bottle centerpiece

These little blue bottles are definitely here to stay and although the peonies aren’t, while they last, they are stealing the show. Come back Friday for a tour of my spring dining room. I feel like this post was a tease as you can clearly see that the curtains have changed from one pic to another. So, come back Friday to see the rest.

By the way, these farmhouse trays will be available in my shop in a week or so!

Happy Wednesday buddies.

Many blessings,


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5 thoughts on “Blue Glass Bottle Spring Centerpiece

  1. Absolutely lovely! I, too, love peonies and they look amazing against the subtlety hued bottles. ? ?

  2. What a lucky find! The bottles look beautiful with the flowers!
    In the bottom of your post you stated that the cute farmhouse trays are available in your shop, but I am unable to locate them. I am very interested in them! ?

    1. Ah… Barbara, thank you for the sweet compliment! Unfortunately, I was not able to get the up this weekend like I planned. i will have them listed by mid-week! I will let you know as soon as they are listed. I am very sorry for the confusion 🙂

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