Celebrating all mothers by a not-yet mother

I Love celebrating all mothers. I’ve been mothered by more random people than perhaps any child should! That became so evidently clear when I made a family tree one time that looked so out of whack that I started to despise my life! There was my birth mom who passed me on to her sister in law, who passed my back to my mom who at this point had no business raising a pre-teen/ teenager! And then there was the single lady across the street from us who had no biological children on her own, who stepped in, started to feed me, take me to church, and mother me ! At the same time, my best friend’s mother would let me hang for hours when I wasn’t allowed to go home! At Church, I met a family who took me under their wings and introduced me to living life for Jesus! Like I said, I have been mothered by more people than is normal but I am so thankful for how to the Lord used all of these women to bless me and to bring me to Himself.

In light of that, each mother’s day, I think of the different women out there who have loved their own, has long to love their own and/ or has taken strangers and made them their own. If I could speak to each of you this weekend, this is what I would say to you!

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1. To all of the ladies with littles running around carefree and completely dependent on momma, may you heart burst with joy at their small attempts at loving you this Mother’s Day! My heart smiles with you!

2. To you with littles who are so little that they can’t even make a small attempt at displaying love! In fact, they keep you up all night, sleep all day, and poop on your lap, stay encouraged! You can do this! I’ll come wash dishes, wash your tub, and fold your laundry for you!

3. To all the mommas whose children are almost all grown up and you are a little scared at the thought of being an empty nester, may you cherish each moment! Although you are terrified at the thought of them facing the world on their own, may you find joy in knowing that you are their greatest champion to succeed!

happy mother's day! Celebrating all mothers with heliotropes!


4. To all of the mommas who had a house full but yet decided to take your child’s lonely friend into your family and love them! That child was me! I applaud you for your selfless generosity and I am personally SO thankful for you!
5. To all of the mommas whose daughter ran away and it’s all your heart can take when you see your friend and her child going to spa days and you long for that too, my heart silently weeps with you!
6. To you, momma, who has had miscarriage after miscarriage and on Mother’s Day can’t function well although you’re trying your hardest to celebrate with your friends! I am heartbroken with you!


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7. To you, my friend, who has been married, and divorced before the children that you so desperately wanted, I am SO very sorry!
8. To you, momma, who rose to the challenge and adopted when life handed you the lemon basket full of infertility, thank you for realizing that family is more than blood!
9. To you, my friend, who has not given up on your fertility fight and are on your third or fourth or fifth round of clomid, I’m cheering for you!

happy mother's day! Celebrating all mothers with heliotropes!


10. To all of the first time moms whose babies are still growing in the tummy, I anticipate their arrival with you!

11. To you my friend, who has gotten to know a child, watched them walk, grow, laugh, live only to lose them to some unthinkable illness or accident, my heart rips apart for you!

12. And to you my precious friend, who got pregnant young, and made the unfathomably hard but brave decision to give birth to your child and give him up for adoption! I stand, I clap and I salute you with tears in my eyes! Happy Mother’s Day!

happy mother's day! Celebrating all mothers with heliotropes!


Lately, I have spent a lost of time thinking about adoption and foster care. Having been mothered by more people who were once strangers, time and time again, it has become so blatantly clear to me that family is more than blood. In light of that, I cannot wait until the day when I can welcome a child, better yet, children into my home that my husband and I have no DNA connection with. If the Lord should give us biological children, may He also give us the strength and energy to take on many more who are not biological into our home and make them ours!

Did I miss anyone? I didn’t mean to! comment below if you think of a momma that I missed. This mother’s day, Let’s celebrate with those who celebrate but let us also weep with those who weep!

Happy Mother’s day to all of you mothers out there!


9 thoughts on “Celebrating all mothers by a not-yet mother

  1. Thank-you for this wonderful Mother’s Day message! God has had blessed and protected you and given you wonderful gifts. You have a beautiful spirit!

  2. The MOST thoughtful Mothers Day wishes I have ever read! May the Lord bless you with the happiness of whatever HIS plan may bring.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful touching post. You seem like a woman with a BIG loving heart. God hears your call, and in due time he will answer, and it will be good. I will pray for you.

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