Dark and dated kitchen turned light and airy

This past week, I took some time to put this post together and I was so amazed at the amount of work that was done to this house. Out of all of the rooms in this house, the kitchen and our bedroom went through the most changes. The kitchen started out as less than pleasing but when husbs started working on it, he realized that aesthetics were the least of his problems.  The floors were completely rotted out and one of the walls had so much damage that he had to support the ceiling with a temporary wood beam while he worked on fixing it. Needless to say, this room has come a long way and I think that you will be amazed at the progress.

white kitchen

I plan to take you on a journey of the progress that’s been made in here, and in the end, point out what other changes we would like to make. Husbs bought this house before we were married and he worked day and night for months to update this kitchen. This is what it looked like when he bought it!







Interesting, huh? The two 2 rooms in the pictures above now make up the entire kitchen! He doubled the size of the kitchen by making the little breakfast nook into part of the kitchen as well. As I mentioned earlier, he was not aware that the kitchen floor and exterior wall were as damaged as they were, so he had to redo the joists of the kitchen floors and replace the bottom half of the wall. He worked SO hard.






After rebuilding the wall and floors, he had oak cabinets built for the kitchen. When he was done, the kitchen looked like this. This is how it was when I moved in.


photo 1


This is where things got interesting. As I mentioned when I revealed the built in cabinet, I did not like the oak. The cabinets are well built but I just thought that the oak was a little dated. I asked husbs a few times if I could paint them and he was not comfortable with it. “Why would you paint over good wood?” “Once you paint it, you can’t go back!” I dropped the subject and made the best out of it. I saw this picture of gorgeous oak cabinets against blue walls and painted my walls a similar shade. It worked for the time being, but the truth is that our kitchen just does not get enough sunlight for that kind of a look.

photo 2 (2)

In early November, I sat down and had a chat with husbs about painting the cabinets and this time, he agreed! Yay! I was so excited that I didn’t even use his help. I painted all of the cabinets by myself in one weekend. All I did for 3 days was get up, paint, eat somewhere along the way, get a few hours of sleep and then do it all over again. He helped toward the end for a little bit. It was SO much work, but I did not mind! I just kept thinking “must have white cabinets!!!”  Next week, I’ll do a post on how I painted them! I love them so much. Now, the kitchen is light and airy and matches the rest of the house!

white kitchen



white kitchen


white kitchen


white kitchen


white kitchen


white kitchen


white kitchen


white kitchen


white kitchen


white kitchen


white kitchen


We still want to update a few things in here. We already added an island. I would love to make some sort of window treatment for the windows. The door will be replaced  with something more rustic. I plan to get some jute runners to add some warmth to the tile. Appliances will be updated with time. I am still cooking up a plan for some other form of counter top and backsplash. I would love to add open shelving to the wall that has no cabinets, but I am not sure if it will work out practically. Anyway, we have come such a long way and honestly, I am content here. I am not in a hurry to go spend lots of money to update anything just for the sake of blogging. As we find these things cheaply and are able to DIY other things, the changes will take place but until then, I love this little place.

white kitchen


white kitchen


white kitchen

So far we have about $6000 in this kitchen. That price is for having completely redone the kitchen including the sub-flooring, the wall, and the cabinets.  I plan to replace the dishwasher and stove from yard sales and craigslist, so I do not imagine that we will spend much more in this place.

Thank you so much for taking a peak. Go on this journey with us as we continue to update things around here for as little as possible. Have you updated your kitchen? Tell me about it. I love to read what you have to say

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kitchen progress before and after

Many blessings,


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46 thoughts on “Dark and dated kitchen turned light and airy

  1. It turned out just beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a talented hubby! You did a great job painting. First time I’ve seen your blog and I love it.

    1. He’s a keeper! He works so hard and I am so proud of him! Our house would not be livable if it weren’t for him. Thank you so much for the compliment Sandy!

    1. Olivia, I just went to your site the other day because I thought “I’ve not seen Olivia comment in a while.” Thank you for always coming here to encourage me! Have a great day!

  2. This is truly a major transformation – beautiful!!! The before and afters are amazing, good thing the hubs had the foresite to make the kitchen larger and change the layout. I love the finished look, especially the builtin hutch at the end of the counter.

    1. Liz, he truly is brilliant! I love having the large kitchen! It’s come in very handy! Thank you so much for the stopping by to take a look and for taking the time to encourage us with your compliment. Have a great day!

  3. wow Vanessa. I spent many hours in the kitchen before because I lived in the house next door and used to visit. WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! Beautiful. I showed my son and he said…….WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Thank you for sharing. I love it!!!
    Great job for you and your husband. Those Boyer boys can do ANYTHING!!

    1. Hi Robyn! I love it so much when I see a familiar name here. I am sure that you know this before kitchen way more than I do. I only stood in the kitchen like that one time. It has come a long way but Matt really is the reason. Not me. He said that you need to come over for a tour sometime though I seem to remember you stopping by one time to but the furniture for the nursery 🙂 thank you for the compliment! Have a great day!

  4. WOW! It looks like a completely new kitchen. Well done. I look forward to hear how you did ALL the painting by yourself. Thank you.

  5. Vanessa, you have been there and back again with that huge kitchen renovation! Your kitchen is beautiful now. It is light and bright and welcoming.

    I’d love for you to join us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. 🙂

  6. Hi Vanessa, Just found you on the Dedicated House link up and had to stop by to see your new kitchen. And I must say that the white cabinets make such a difference! Totally wonderful update! I just helped my cousin update her kitchen by painting her wood cabinets white and then pouring white concrete countertops. Such a difference!

    1. Jenise, thank you so much. I do love it. White concrete countertops? Sounds so lovely? I am cooking up a plan for countertops that may include concrete but I am not sure yet. I hope you have a great day.

  7. Vanessa, the transformation is remarkable. I’m sure you love looking at the before and after photos. Hope you two pat yourselves on the back often, because it is well-deserved.

    Happy Thursday!

    1. Thank you so much Lynn. Yes, I do love looking at the before and after pictures! So much work was done here. I love it.

  8. I love your kitchen Vanessa! It is bright and happy and functional. Your husband is very talented and you have wonderful taste! This is truly remarkable!

  9. I am just amazed at the difference! Love the little bar in the middle instead of the “desk” area of the old kitchen. So much I love here I can’t even list it all. Beautiful!

    1. Kim, I am still amazed at the difference myself. I love it the little bar too. Did you know it was made from an old dresser? Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

  10. Your kitchen is beautiful. You both are very talented in creating such a large and lovely space. I love what you changed and am happy you kept the original built in cabinet too. All I can say is WOW!

    1. Joan, I am glad we kept the little built-in too. I think it adds a little bit of charm in there that there wouldn’t be otherwise. Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage our endeavors 🙂

  11. i really like the island, and the space is so much brighter. first i was defensive, lol, b/c my kitchen is dark and dark doesn’t necessarily mean dated-we can’t all have white kitchens. but your before was definitely dark and dated. enjoy your new space!

    1. Oh no, I would never want for you to be offended about your kitchen. I’ve seen MANY dark kitchens that are lovely. Mine was terrible. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  12. Stunning reno. We are planning a kitchen reno right now and I love seeing before and after pics of other renos. Keeps me motivated when feeling overwhelmed with everything!

    1. You can do it Carrie! Just keep thinking of the end result when it gets overwhelming. I am excited for you as my kitchen reno was so exciting! I hope that yo have a great day!

  13. I am planning on painting my kitchen cabinets over Memorial weekend. Can you give details on how you got your kitchen so beautiful?

    1. holly, I just published a post yesterday about how I did! I hope you find it helpful! The link is in the recommendation for what else you might like in the post above 🙂

  14. You and your hubby did a fabulous job on not only this gorgeous kitchen, but throughout your home. Congrats on your marriage and becoming a citizen. Welcome to America, your new home.

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