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Hey, friends! remember me! I feel like I have been gone from this little blog forever even though it’s only been 2 weeks. A few things happened! First, my computer’s screen’s driver crashed? If that sounds like a sort of “the dog ate my homework” excuse, I promise it is not! The screen started acting all sorts of crazy. I did my little computer mojo and it did not fix the problem! Anyway, I am now using my old computer which is being held together by duct tape until we can find one that we like! Seriously, duct tape! I’ll show you a picture at the end of this post. Anyway, in the midst of this tiny little bit of chaos, I have been working on some little projects around the house. I have always found it hard to decorate around living room windows and so when I ran into some art at a yard sale that might solve that problem, I jumped on it. I gave them a little makeover and here they are as our new modern vintage wall art!

accent chairs and home decor


new wall art


I had been looking for something that matched to put in the living room forever. I considered shutters but I already have shutters in the living room and I really like them where they are. I considered putting the windows that are on the kitchen wall on there but the kitchen wall needed them more. Needless to say, that wall has had a lot of change over the years months. So, when I found these 2 identical…almost identical window art things, I grabbed them knowing that I could make them into something better.



The 2 different colors were not working for me. I liked the blue one but I have enough blue things around here and not to mention that I needed for them to be on the same page. I started off by scraping as much of the paint off as possible! I wanted to see what the wood underneath looked like to see if I liked it that way. The scraping really was not hard to do! The paint came right off! As it turns out, there wasn’t much of pretty finish underneath there. Even if there was, I was only able to get the paint off of the top but not the cracks and crevices and it looked weird.



I wasn’t discouraged because you know my answer to every difficult project: white paint! Seriously, can you go wrong with white paint…ever? I grabbed my little white paint brush and went to work. I did 3 coats of paint. IMG_3941




After the coats of paint, these babies needed some serious distressing to make them look a bit more vintage because modern vintage is my style!



I love them! Who knows how long they will last but for the first time, in this room, I have identical art around these windows! I payed $7.50 for them at that yard sale for that kind of money, who could complain?

accent chairs and home decor


accent chairs and home decor


accent chairs and home decor


new wall art


new wall art


Oh and by the way, here is that picture of the duct taped laptop 🙂


Many blessings,


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  1. Kole

    Little things that make such a big difference. If i’d seen the picture of that living room without reading your post, I’d think a lot of money was paid for them. They are amazing.

  2. Taylor Mobley

    I need to learn how to DIY projects and thrift. I am SO BAD at it!!!! They look amazing– good job.

  3. Lola

    These are beautiful! They remind me a bit of the iron details found inside a lot of older Philly homes. You’ve inspired me to look out for those at salvage shops, and maybe paint them white and use them as art.

  4. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    Your architectural pieces look great beside the window. I love how you gave them a distressed, vintage look. You did a beautiful job!!!


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