DIY Candle holders

Do you remember my perfectly rustic and lovely DIY wooden clock? The one that husbs and I made from the sides of a side table, do you remember it? Did you wonder what became of the rest of that coffee table? You didn’t think that I threw the rest of it away did you? Of course not! I used every part of that table. In the spirit of the coming spring, I turned the table legs into some lovely spring inspired DIY candle holders.



Diy candle holders


diy candle holders


I started by cutting the legs in half. I did not want them as tall as the original height of the table legs because I thought that for their height, they would be too skinny. I cut the table leg in half because that would have been the perfect height to width ratio. The table legs simply cut were nice but plain. I wanted to make them a little more elaborate. We cut a few pieces of wood to the size that we wanted (you can customize it based on your table leg) to use as a base for the candles. I also found two little round coaster looking things at goodwill for a dollar. They were perfect and I snatched them up.




Then came the arranging.  You can arrange yours however you prefer. This is completely up to you. A piece of advice: Never look at my projects as if you have to do things the exact same way! You are creative! You are! You may not think that you are but you are made in the image of the creator. You are made like him- a creator. Now, some people may be more creative than others in certain areas but you are creative in your own way. When you look at my projects, allow them to inspire you to see what you have laying around your house or in your shed that you can turn into something amazing.




I used wood glue to attach everything and they are nice and sturdy. I proceeded to do a dry coat of white paint, a dry coat of blue paint and a wash of the gray. A dry coat of paint is when you paint with hardly any paint on the brush. This technique leaves just a thin coat of paint on your item. Some areas of the item may not even get fully covered. I use this method when I am trying to achieve a distressed look. A paint wash is when you dilute the paint and then use that mixture to paint over the item, but then quickly wipe it off. This leaves a nice aged film over the previous finish.  So for my candle holders, I did a gray wash, which means that my finished product is a blue with a slight gray tint. I used the same blue paint that I used for my DIY Tea Towels

Step one: woods are arranged and glued together.



Step two: painted white024


Step three: painted blue

002 (2)


Step four: gray wash



Final result: (I call that birdie “Humpty dumpty.” He just looks like a Humpty dumpty that I have seen before!  I guess humpty survived the great fall and hatched into this birdie!)



diy candle holdersdiy candle holders


So, this weekend, make something! Look around your house! Do you have an old table that you were going to take to the dump? A fence post that is nice and thick that has been sitting by the shed for longer than you can remember? What about a nice pair of large wooden salt and pepper grinders? I always think of diy candle holders when I see those at goodwill. The point is this: This weekend, if you feel a desire to create something, look around you and see what you can re-purpose. You will find something and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve! I am glad to be here to inspire you and to cheer you on.

If you do craft this weekend, please share your project with me on facebook, twitter, Instagram, or the comment section. I would love to see! Thank you so much for reading.

Many blessings,


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28 thoughts on “DIY Candle holders

  1. Hi Vanessa,
    What a great idea, they came out wonderfully well, and absolutely love the color you painted them, it’s my
    all time fav color for years now…………

    A great spring addition for your home. Great job!

    Blessings, Nellie

  2. I came over from The Turquoise House and I have to say I really love these. I was thinking about doing something similar with a broken bed post. Thanks

    1. Lisa, you’re so great! I love that I just discovered your blog. You do great work. Thank you for the compliments! I’m glad you found some inspirations here 🙂

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