DIY Floral Wall Gallery

Hey Buds, I am a cheater! I did this DIY Floral Wall Gallery a while ago in the Summer time but thought i’d pretend that I just did it for Spring to share to with you. hehe. You know what? I don’t think you’ll care when you find out how easy this project is to do!


On my side of the bed, there is a wall that is perfect for a gallery wall! Ya’ll know I like Simplicity and so a fancy gallery wall was out of the question. I adore the simplicity of floral gallery walls and so I knew exactly what I wanted on this wall.  Don’t worry! This floral gallery wall was cheap! Here is what you’ll need!


Picture frames

This Book

Rub’n Buff


Do you remember when the guy took me to Ikea for my birthday? Well, Since that was such a once in a lifetime experience given how far Ikea is from me, I stocked up on some essentials. Pillows, Pillow inserts, curtains, and Picture frames were certainly part of that list. I brought the frames home but they were a bit too dark for my liking so I went over them with a bit of Rub’n Buff! That’s entirely my preference! 




Now, for the stars of this show: the prints? Were they expensive? Well, have I got a treat for you! You won’t believe this but, you guys, you can find these prints along with 394 others in  this book that sells on Amazon for so cheap! Ah! Isn’t that crazy? head over to Amazon Right now, grab one, and share with all your friends!



Ya,ll it is not hard at all to find some prints that you want in this book. There are so many and I just picked 6 that were simple, had lots of green and were delicately beautiful! I adore this little gallery wall so much. One day the wall color will change, but the frames, will remain the same?

What do you think? Hey, let me know if you try this? If you do, and are on Instagram, tag me (@Amodernvintagehome) , i’d love to see!

Many blessings,


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