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I am a homebody. I like to sleep in my bed. I like to sit on my couch and I like to drive my own car. Hotel rooms freak me out. I have hotel socks, mattress covers, sheets, comforters. By that, I mean that I have socks that I only use in hotel rooms. I have a queen and a king size mattress cover that are only for hotel rooms. I have sheets and blankets designated for trips. I don’t know how to explain it but unless there is a lot of white going on in a hotel room, I will have a hard time sleeping. And so, when it was time to put our guest bedroom together, I knew that white bedding in a light and airy space was a must.  It’s time for our guest bedroom reveal!

Before we get going, let’s see a before picture of this room. It was very purple! Not much was done in here except for cosmetics. The half bath in here, on the other hand, got a total makeover but that’s for another post.



Here is the after:

$150 guest bedroom reveal

The guest bedroom is small and so the biggest challenge is to make it cozy without leaving people feeling too cramped. That defeats the purpose of making your guest feel welcomed. I thought about putting a full size bed in there to buy us a few square inches but decided against that as a queen is more comfortable and I care about my guest getting a good night sleep. I just had to make sure that each subsequent piece of furniture was small.

guest bedroom 16



I love old sewing machines-turned-side tables. Can you believe those things? They are amazing! They are so cheap but look so good. I got this one at a thrift store and knew it was going in this room.


The little basket underneath is from home goods. It was one of the first gifts that husbs got for me before we were married. He purchased it a few years ago and I thought it would fit perfectly underneath the sewing table so that guests could have somewhere to put their dirty laundry.

guest bedroom 22

guest bedroom


The little gold mirror as well as the gold frame opposite from it are from a yard sale. I love the pop of gold that they add to the grey walls. I think that we should take more risks with gold in our decor. It’s so pretty and classic. A lot of times, we stay away from gold because it can be gaudy, but I’m telling you, the right amount of gold in a room can take it from looking like you tried to do it yourself to drool-worthy


The other side of the bed has this cute little white and gold nightstand.  I could not decide on whether or not I wanted to do another sewing machine table but since I already had this one and the guest bedroom is not big enough to be able to stand far enough away from the foot of the bed to be able to see both nightstands, I did not think that it mattered much. Don’t you just love that little bicycle basket? I do! It’s my “in case you forgot” basket. Everything from shampoo to toothbrush to a little snack is found in there.



I move it sporadically between the nightstands and the comforter which is at the foot of the bed when guests come. It all depends on my mood. By the way, I made that duvet cover for the comforter from 2 white sheets.

geust bedroom


At the foot of the bed, I had another bench until I bought this awesome little rush bench at a thrift store. I think it works so well in there.

guest bedroom

guest bedroom


I liked it because the dresser, the sewing machine end table, the chair, and the cheval mirror are all dark wood which I think is lovely in there but I wanted to make sure that I maintained a good balance with the white and I thought that the little rush bench was the perfect color and style to help maintain that balance

There used to be a yellow throw pillow and a blue throw pillow on the bed but I changed that last week by making this personalized throw pillow.

Grain sack throw pillows

Grain sack throw pillows


The stunning little dresser with the built-in desk is from a yard sale.

Guest bedroom

On top of the dresser, I have this gorgeous vase with the hydrangeas that I dried in late summer. Hydrangeas are not hard to dry. A little patience and you’ll be able to take a little bit of summer with you all winter. They have held up so well.

hydrandeas in vase


I have a client who is so kind. She’s always passing along some goodies that she has no need of. This 40 year old dried flower wreath is one of them.  It’s fragile but not so fragile that it cannot be handled and I love it.

guest bedroom 29


My sister-in-law gave me this mirror. She has little kids and this mirror was proving to be more of a swing for them then a looking glass for her and so she passed it along to me.It’s not always been in the guest bedroom but it works. The door in the picture opens to the guest bathroom.

guest bedroom



guest bedroom

This little shelf is so cute. It used to have an oak finish but I did some dry brush strokes on it and love the finish. It houses some little treasures that help to add detail to the room.

guest bedroom

guest bedroom 27

guest bedroom


Because part of the fun of what I do is to change things up in my house, no room is ever complete but they do reach points of satisfaction and I say that the guest bedroom is at that point for me. But, does it matter what your guest room looks like? Read that post and I’ll answer that question for you?

Thank you for looking. This post was long and so if you were brave enough to make it far enough to read this, you are such a gem. I hope you had a good experience and feel like you were taking a personal tour of my guest bedroom. If you like what you saw or have any question, please let me know in the comment box below. Also, subscribe to the blog to stay in touch with what is going on around here. And Remember “You are always welcome here.” See you next time.


Here’s what’s in the guest bedroom

Bed: Already owned

Throw pillow: DIY for maybe $3

Duvet cover: $10

Foot bench: $12 (goodwill)

Dresser with Built in desk: $15 (yard sale)

Cotton Sheets: $30 from Ross

Gray and white shams: $10 from (TJ maxx)

White cotton pillow cases: $6 (Ross)

Comforter: $10 (brand new in package at yard sale)

Bed Skirt: $5 (new from nice consignment shop)

Quilt: Wedding present

Lamp: $3 (goodwill)

Lampshade: $2 (goodwill)

Small mirror and frame: $5 (yard sale)

White nightstand: gift

Bicycle basket: gift

Sewing machine nightstand: $5 (thrift store)

bottles: yard sale: $.50 (goodwill)

Basket: $10 (homegoods)

Cheval Mirror: free

Shelf: free

Curtains: Already had from Ikea

Chair: already owned

Total: $148.5

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Guest room collage

Many blessings,



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48 thoughts on “Guest bedroom reveal

  1. What a great guest room! You thought of everything. Love the idea of using an old sewing machine table for a nightstand. And, oh my goodness – the laundry basket for your guests! I want that in my bedroom. Great job. With a room like that, you’ll have trouble getting your guests to go home.

  2. Vanessa, can we just talk about how dreamy this bedroom is? Wow, I love everything you do lady. This is such a warm and cozy space. I don’t know how you ever leave this spot in the morning. It’s gorgeous. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Coco, I always love it when you stop by! You bring so much positivity and encouragement with you! Thank you so much for the compliments. Have a great day dear girl!

  3. Oh Vanessa! I love every gorgeous detail of this room! You did an amazing job creating a serene place to relax and enjoy! So soothing! I hope you are having a great week!

    1. Yes Yes Yes Sherry! I love that I don’t have to feel bad when i change things because i got it on a budget! Thanks so much for stopping by.

    1. Oh yes, the curtains! I love them. Because of the configuration of the room, that was the only way to make the bed fit and so I’m so glad it worked. I hope you have a great week.

  4. Hi Vanessa! I found your blog from the Sundays at Home link party, and I love it! Love the guest bedroom – we have very similar styles (although my home doesn’t fully reflect my style yet). I am also a pretty frugal gal and get most of my home decor at garage sales and thrift stores as well. It is always so exciting and inspiring to me to see beautiful spaces like this one put together with not much money! Anyways, I am glad to be your newest follower. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

    1. Oh Olivia, Thank you for the compliment. I’ll be heading over to your blog soon to see all that you have going on. I am sure that it is beautiful. Yard sales and garage sales are so much fun. Thank you so much for coming over.

  5. Such a pretty guest room! Love your comforter made from two white sheets…looks amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

    1. Cindy, thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate the compliment. I love your AMAZE ME Monday so of course. Have a great day.

  6. Just recently discovered your blog, and love it! I read several blogs on a regular basis and what I love about yours is the way you do gorgeous things on the “cheap”, keep it up!

  7. Your guest bedroom looks lovely! What a great job you did in gathering up all the different elements and using your skills to make the room a cohesive whole. Can I come stay and your house? It looks like the place to be!

  8. hello Vanessa,
    Your guest bedroom turned out beautifully. I love the neutral color palette contrasted with the warm wood tones.

    I wanted to let you know that I will be featuring you today when Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop goes live. If you would like to stop by my site is Reinvented Collection. I cannot leave a direct link in comments or Mr. Google will see it as SPAM.

    Thank you for joining us last week. I look forward to seeing what you link up this week.

    Olivia- co-hostess
    Reinvented Collection

    1. Olivia, thank you the compliment and for letting me know about the feature. What an honor! I will definitely join again. It’s a great party 🙂

  9. Wow I’m so impressed with those amazing deals you found!! Even at thrift shops and goodwills around where I live, stuff is a lot more than that. Your design style is so cute! I love the vintage touches. The bench is my fave!

    1. Rachel, this bedroom recently got published at apartment therapy (find the link in my features page) and most of the comments there were about how cheap my thrift store prices were. I guess Virginia’s thrift stores are cheaper than I thought. Thank you so much for the compliment and for stopping by. I hope you have a great day.

    1. Karin, I understand. I do not have kids and so it does come a lot easier to me. It will definitely be more of a challenge when we do have kids and so I’m thankful for this time! I hope you have a great week. Vanessa.

    1. Thank you Nicole! goodwill and thrift shopping take so time so I understand that it is not for everyone but I say, if you can, do it because it will pay off 🙂 thank you for coming to my little corner here.

  10. Omg, are we twins!? I relate to your first paragraph SO WELL. I’m also a homebody with a dislike for hotel rooms without a lot of white!! I think for me, when I see more white, it makes me feel cleaner LOL. Anyway, I am OBSESSED with your guest bedroom. It’s like what my dream hotel room would look like. AND the window + white drapes over the top of the bed is gorgeous!!

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