Fresh Lilacs on the Front Door

I remember the first time I smelled a Lilac. After college, I was nannying for the most awesome kids who loved going on adventures in the woods behind their home. Each early spring, we would shed our coats, grab some sticks and mason jars, and set out on these grand adventures to catch tadpoles, learn about edible wild plants, name trees, pick flowers, and sing adventurous songs. Each time we started out our adventures, we would always pass the biggest Lilac bush that I have ever seen. In early spring, you absolutely could not miss this Lilac bush because it exuded the most glorious sweet smell. The first time that I smelled this plant, I thought that it was a hyacinth in the distance because the smell was similar but much more faint than the smell of the hyacinth. I, soon, learned that it was a Lilac and I fell in love. My kids would run to the bush smiling and screaming “Vanessa, the Lilac smells so sweet.” I’d smile and say “but it does! doesn’t it!” We loved that bush and I suspect that they still do. Under that bush, we would pause for a while, taking in the lovely sweet smell of the Lilac, and speak of how on our return, we would pick some to give to “mama.” 

lilacs on the front door


We don’t have a mature lilac bush on our property but last year, I bought 2 young ones at Lowes and I drowned one but the other one is doing so well. When I moved into my own house, Peonies, Lilacs, and Magnolias were among the plants that I wanted to have. This house already had a bunch of mature peonies. I planted the lilacs last year but I cannot decide if it is worth it to plant a magnolia here  since they take long time to mature.

lilacs on the front door


I cannot wait for my little lilac plant to mature and start to produce flowers. In the meantime, however,that the neighbors have a bush with some branches that hang on our property. I have been eyeing them for the last few days and today I grabbed a few of the blooms and brought them inside.

lilacs on the front door


lilacs on the front door


Our front door does not get a lot of sun because of the trees and so I filled a mason jar with some water, put the bunch of Lilacs in there and dropped them in a basket. They look so lovely. I don’t know that I will keep it there. Odds are, I will go to Micheals tomorrow and buy some fake lilacs to put in here while I enjoy these ones inside.

lilacs on the front door


lilacs on the front door


lilacs on the front door


lilacs on the front door

This front doors will get a new paint job soon but for today, every time I open the door, I am reminded of the lilac bush on the back of that house on Linden street. I am reminded of the giggles and smiles of my two (who later became 3) adventurous kids who loved the Lilac bush. I have not seen those kids in about 6 months and yesterday, I texted their mom and we set a date for one more of these adventures in the woods right past that giant lilac bush and my heart could not be happier.

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lilacs on the front door

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12 thoughts on “Fresh Lilacs on the Front Door

    1. Kristen, it smells so good too. It would be great if you had a front porch and you hung these on the door and let them catch the breeze. It would make your entire porch so lovely. Have a great day 🙂

    1. Lol. We don’t have lizards here but we have stink bugs and little birdies that try to make their nests in my things. All we can do is keep trying right 🙂

  1. Love this! I haven’t lived anywhere with a lilac plant for a long time, so they remind me of the house where I grew up. There was a big lilac bush so far back in the yard it was almost in the forest, but my mom and I would go out there and gather lilacs to bring back into the house. I’ve been wanting to buy some just because they’re one of those little things that made our house a home back then!

    1. Lola, I really hope that you can find some soon. I’m telling you! There is nothing like reliving good memories. If you weren’t in Philly, and we lived closer, I’d take you to my favorite lilac bush to get some! I hope that you find some soon!

    1. Me too Jessica! That would be my only complaint too. I guess that is what makes them so cherished is the fact that they are only around for a small amount of time. It makes us long for them more…like girl scout cookies (random, i know!) 🙂

    1. Oh Sam! I am mourning for you! I hope that you are able to replace it soon. They don’t take a long time to grow (of course time is relative here right?) and so I hope that ou can plant some soon that will start to give you some lovelies in a few years.

    1. Thank you CarrieDe. I am glad that you like what you see. Seriously! So, I am thankful for your compliment! Have a great day dear girl!

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