Old Media Cabinet Makeover!

If you go to craigslist right now, I guarantee you one thing you will find without much effort is a media cabinet. They are everywhere. They are huge, they are bulky, they are impractical and not many people want them. With the rise of the flat screen TV, they became a burden. All of this, of course, is only true if your husband does not love to collect vinyl records.

Spring living room


When don’t even have a TV of any kind but we have lots and lots of vinyl records to store. When I moved into our home, husbs had been living here for 2 years already. This means that he had already accumulated some things that I just had to work around our new decor. One of those things was this old media cabinet that is so big and so heavy. After some talk, we decided to move it from the bedroom where he had been keeping it to the living room. I’ve tried to sell it a few times but 2 things have prevented this. One, it is way too heavy to move out to a yard sale and two, I have not found another way yet to house his records.



Because one of our couches is brown and the fireplace mantle is red brick, this cabinet absolutely could not stay the oak color that it was. One afternoon and 3 coats of white chalk paint on the body later, it is  a whole new piece. I left the top with the original oak stain and I kept the original hardware. I actually quite like it now.

Spring living room


Spring living room


Spring living room


I do still wish to replace it someday but that is mainly because it is so big. We don’t own a tv so the spot that is reserved for a tv houses the record player.

Spring living room


Spring living room

As soon as I can come up with another plan, I would like to get something much smaller in here and add a bit more space to the room. Until then, I am loving this little huge cabinet in white. See what a little paint can do?

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painted media cabinet

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16 thoughts on “Old Media Cabinet Makeover!

    1. Nice! I love how spacious these are. We have a tall one of in our laundry room to provide some storage as our house doe snot have a ton of storage! I’m sure that in the kitchen it comes in very handy

  1. Vanessa you brought this cabinet from the 80’s into being farmhouse chic! It looks like a completely different piece! So pretty now! I hope you are having a great week! If you would like to share this or any other makeover at one more party, Making Broken Beautiful (runs every Thursday thru Sunday) is happening over at The Curator’s Collection right now and I’d be honored to host your talents! (again!) I hope you have an amazing day!


    1. Terry!!!!!! I will be back at your party from now on! I miss coming over and seeing what you are up too! Thank you for stopping by and reminding me!

    1. Thank you colleen! I just wish I hard discovered painted furniture so much sooner! It can change things so drastically!

  2. Vanessa! Just a quick note to let you know I will be bragging up this piece at Making Broken Beautiful tomorrow! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration! I hope you have a great week!

  3. Vanessa, I am impressed on three levels:
    1. The makeover is beautiful.
    2. He agreed to it being painted! Furniture that my husband owned before we married, my husband thinks is too precious for paint.
    3. You have NO TV???? LOL

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