Decorate With What You Love: Books

I love books! I should say that I try to love books. I used to love books more but if I am honest, I spend a whole lot more of my time on the internet than I do reading. What a shame huh? I joined a book club to encourage myself to read more books and that worked for the most part. I did this because I understand the importance of reading and want to grow in that skill!  The other way that I “read” is through audio books! I am currently going through the classics through audio book! This way, I can still do my work but catch up on all those books that I read in high school but can’t seem to remember because I only read them for the sake of my homework! (more…)

$500 Thrifted living Room Reveal

You guys have already seen little bits and pieces of my living room here and there. In my Christmas home tour, you saw most of it. Some things have changed since then. And, remember, this house was in terrible shape when we bought it and so it’s about time I show you at least one “before picture.”  This room is where we spend most of our time. This does not say much because our house is not huge and so perhaps with the exception of the guest room, we use the house up real good. Despite this, I would still say that the living room is our most used space. (more…)

updating two arched windows

This past weekend, my friend Kristin and I set out at 6:45 in the morning for some yard sales. It was a good day for yard sales. We spent the first hour and a half at 2 houses in my neighborhood alone. She is getting married in 2 weeks and was able to find plenty of goodies for her new home. But, don’t you feel bad for me! My success was not too shabby either! My favorite find this weekend definitely had to be these window/ door frames. (more…)

Old Media Cabinet Makeover!

If you go to craigslist right now, I guarantee you one thing you will find without much effort is a media cabinet. They are everywhere. They are huge, they are bulky, they are impractical and not many people want them. With the rise of the flat screen TV, they became a burden. All of this, of course, is only true if your husband does not love to collect vinyl records. (more…)

2 tips to decorate a small entryway!

Our house does not have a foyer. We live in a small brick ranch that opens directly in the middle of the living and dining room. The challenge with this set up is that there is not much room to set up a place for our guest to sit their things when they come for a visit. This does not mean that there is no room at all but that some creativity has to be employed to make things work. (more…)

New Curtains in the Dining & Living Room on a Budget!

I have never been to Ikea (I know, I need to fix this) but I own many things from IKEA.The reason is because the closest one is perhaps 3 1/2 hours away from me. To go, I’d have to make a day trip out of it and I just haven’t had the time to do that. Husbs is a very patient person. He was out of town this week for business in PA and I did something sneaky. I checked to see if there was an Ikea closer than 3 1/2 hours away and lo and behold there was one about 30 minutes from his hotel. I gave him a call and asked him to drive to that Ikea to pick up some curtains for me.  He had one free night when he was planning to go do what tourists do but instead, he went to Ikea and bought me curtains. (more…)

Fresh Lilacs on the Front Door

I remember the first time I smelled a Lilac. After college, I was nannying for the most awesome kids who loved going on adventures in the woods behind their home. Each early spring, we would shed our coats, grab some sticks and mason jars, and set out on these grand adventures to catch tadpoles, learn about edible wild plants, name trees, pick flowers, and sing adventurous songs. Each time we started out our adventures, we would always pass the biggest Lilac bush that I have ever seen. In early spring, you absolutely could not miss this Lilac bush because it exuded the most glorious sweet smell. The first time that I smelled this plant, I thought that it was a hyacinth in the distance because the smell was similar but much more faint than the smell of the hyacinth. I, soon, learned that it was a Lilac and I fell in love. My kids would run to the bush smiling and screaming “Vanessa, the Lilac smells so sweet.” I’d smile and say “but it does! doesn’t it!” We loved that bush and I suspect that they still do. Under that bush, we would pause for a while, taking in the lovely sweet smell of the Lilac, and speak of how on our return, we would pick some to give to “mama.”  (more…)

One trick to getting cheap landscape plants

I need sunshine! By that, I mean that if darkness could be totally done away with and all roofs were gone from homes resulting in all of us sleeping under millions of rays of sunshine, I would be perfectly content. Vitamin D just loves me and I love it! So, this morning when I woke up with my ever usual but nonetheless annoying sense of anxiety, I knew that I had to do 2 things after I had my time with the Lord. I had to eat some vitamin D rich food and spend a few hours working in the sun. My yard is in desperate need of some spring cheer anyway and I knew the best way to spruce it up without breaking the bank. (more…)

The Cane Back Chairs: My first DIY project was almost a total fail!

I have a story for you guys about one of my first DIY projects for this house. A month after we got married, I went to a yard sale and bought 2 incredible unattractive cane back chairs. The story of how I got those chairs for cheap is hilarious. I’ll have to share it with you guys another time.  I bought them thinking that I could paint them and reupholster them. That thought was the beginning of a series of lessons that I was only going to learn, the hard way. (more…)

My Yard Sale Secrets Revealed (How I decorate my house from yard sale items)

Good Morning people! I truly hope that you all had a restful weekend and for those of you who celebrate the resurrected Savior, I hope that you had a fantastic time celebrating with other believers. We did! We had some friends over and had a ball and then we headed to my in-laws and sang hymns for more than 2 hours as a family. I lost my voice after about 3/4th of the way through but it was so much.

So, you know how in just about every post, I tell you how I got something at a yard sale or a thrift store? Well, this past weekend I was at a yard sale and just about stole some vintage plates and gold plated flatware because they were so cheap. Since spring is here and yard sales are beginning, today, I am sharing my yard sale tips to help you make the most of yard sales. (more…)