Valentines corner: Love is a choice

Husbs and I have been married for less then 2 years. We are babies in the ways of matrimony! Newlyweds!  As you can imagine, We were given a whole lot of marital advice during our engagement. I loved and appreciated every single one of them. We are young, but want to stay married until our Lord calls either one of us home and so we welcome any and every piece of wise advice that we can get. I do not remember if it was a specific person who gave us this one piece of advice but it is one that I repeat to myself about once a week. The advice? “Love is not a feeling. Love is a choice.” (more…)

Built-in kitchen cabinet update

They say that the best places are little holes in the wall. I am inclined to agree. When husbs gutted the entire kitchen/breakfast nook 3 years ago to redo it, there was only one thing that was left standing: this built-in cabinet. It is one of the few original items in our home. (more…)

Does it matter what your guest room looks like?

So, this week, I have been spending some time on the blog showing you my guest bedroom and all the little goodies in it. I have great plans for this little blog, and plan on showcasing many more projects here. Working on projects helps my nerves. It gives me something to do with my hands. Read more about my need to create in the about me section. Because I am always creating, blogging is just another way for me to create and to share my work. Because it’s fun to do so, I can easily fall into a trap of decorating our home just for the sake of blogging and not for the purpose of  making my home a place of refuge for all people.  (more…)

Guest bedroom reveal

I am a homebody. I like to sleep in my bed. I like to sit on my couch and I like to drive my own car. Hotel rooms freak me out. I have hotel socks, mattress covers, sheets, comforters. By that, I mean that I have socks that I only use in hotel rooms. I have a queen and a king size mattress cover that are only for hotel rooms. I have sheets and blankets designated for trips. I don’t know how to explain it but unless there is a lot of white going on in a hotel room, I will have a hard time sleeping. And so, when it was time to put our guest bedroom together, I knew that white bedding in a light and airy space was a must.  It’s time for our guest bedroom reveal! (more…)

How to make farmhouse throw pillows

So, I have a thing for nice farmhouse throw pillows. I love them. There’s just something about them. To me, they say french vintage which I love. They are cheap and they are easy to make. As I have been slightly revamping the guess bedroom, I thought it would be a nice touch to add one of these personalized farmhouse throw pillows in there.


Rush Foot bench

When I decorate, I never really know what the end result is going to be. This is because I am a thrift store, sales price, and yard sale decorator. This means that I have to find something before I decide I need it. I hate to get a specific item in my mind and then feel like I have to have that exact thing when I know that I can’t afford it. That practice breeds too much discontentment in my life. And so, the way I combat that is by using magazines and catalogs simply as inspiration and if I find something at a low price that will help me work to the end of that inspiration, I buy it. When I was putting the guest room together, I knew wanted a nice little foot bench to go at the foot of the bed. (more…)

Happy Snow day

When I moved to Virginia for college, I was amazed when classes were cancelled at the mere mention of snow. The grocery shelves would be emptied and gas stations would be lined with cars. It seemed that people here not only loved the anticipation of the snow but they loved the snow. (more…)

Antique dresser with built-in desk

I like painted furniture! I really do. However, I am learning that I love wood! I love a dark rich stain that sightly exposes perfectly mismatched wood grain. What I love more than that tough, is a piece of antique that has been well loved in decades past by people who lived simply and preserved well. Combine the two and I fall in love. Every part of this was true for this little antique dresser with built-in desk. Today we are continuing the sneak peak into my guest bedroom. (more…)

Gorgeous Linen Dining room Chairs from old cane back chairs

Because we entertain a lot, my dining room was functional long before it was  pretty. I always wanted to have french Linen dining room chairs hugging a dark wood table in there.  We entertain a lot and so I needed at least 6 but preferably 8 chairs. Often, I would go to the Restoration Hardware website to drool over their French Vintage camel back fabric armchairs. The only trouble is, at their lowest sale price, it would have cost me about $2000 for 8 chairs.