So…what have I been up to?

Hi friends! So I feel like i owe you guys an explanation! Last year around this time I was tracking with you guys by-weekly, producing new content and was on a roll until one day, maybe in June, I  kind of dropped off the face of the planet and hardly posted anymore! So what happened? Did I experienced some great life change? Was blogging just a fluke for me?

Well, No we did not experience some great life change and I’ll tell you that no, blogging was certainly not just a fluke but I didn’t realize how much of a break I needed to kind of regroup to figure out exactly what it is I wanted to do with this blog! I’ll go ahead and tell you up front that I’ve been on Instagram! If you guys don’t know about Instagram, you should know that there really is a wonderful decor community over there and it’s just a great place to share and find inspiration! That’s the short of it and if you want to know the long of it which I think is very helpful information for why I sought refuge on Instagram, you can continue to read!

You guys, when I first started blogging, I dove into this headfirst! I had never read any blogs  except for when the occasional Google search for specific projects lead me to a blog post! I’d certainly never followed any blogs. I never had really even been on Pinterest much and so honestly I don’t even know how I started blogging! ?I really don’t know what put the idea in my mind because I did not have a lot of familiarity with it! I was just at a place in my life when I knew I needed to be doing something more with my life especially since at that time I felt like unexplained anxiety was starting to grab too great of a hold of my life and I needed to have some kind of creative outlet to help get my mind off of it!

Anyway, when I decided to build a blog, I dove headfirst and figured out how to essentially build my own blog from scratch with just the most basic WordPress theme! I spent a ton of hours on YouTube and on Google learning how to do every single thing that you see on this blog! I’m talking about color scheme, how to put pictures and words on the side bar, how to create menu items that drop dow, how to create share buttons that resembled the color scheme of my blog without having to pay for it, how to add necessary plug-ins (apps) to make the site run smoothly! And then there was the nightmare of spam comments and mail and how to securely run this website!

On top of that you guys I started learning about the necessity of having good quality pictures so I bought a digital camera and started to learn how to take pictures on manual! Prior to this I didn’t even know that you could change settings on any camera! I also bought The photo editing software Lightroom and learned how to use it properly! You guys I did this all within like a two months period! ?

Essentially, if you look at something on this blog and you think it’s done well, I figured it out on my own within those fist 2 months and if you think it’s done horribly, that’s my fault too! ? By the way you guys, when I first started this process, I wrote an article on making the switch from the free wordpress blog to the self hosted one that I think can be of help to you if you are in the same boat!

Let’s get back on track? I wrote 2 blog posts between November and December 2015 on the free WordPress blog and then decided that I should switch to a self hosted site! Again I had really no experience with blogging except for those two blog posts on a free WordPress site which if you have any familiarity with free WordPress sites, you know that making the switch to a self hosted site without any kind of help, is a very trying thing to do especially if you have no experience with this kind of stuff!

The best way I know to describe that kind of experience is to say that you are on a learning path but you don’t even know what it is that you need to learn! So not only do you need to learn specific materials to make the blog its best, but you first need to learn what kind of material that you need to learn!

And you guys, this is just the foundational stuff to make sure that once you start producing content, it’s ready to go! You still have to produce good content on a consistent basis! Needless to say that by June I had kind of worn myself out to the point that when I discovered Instagram as a way of having an outlet to share with people, I quickly jumped on that bandwagon and only focused on that! So, I’ve been on Instagram this whole time you guys! I have been posting consistently on Instagram since about July and have built up a bit of a following over there and so if you’re not already following me over there, you’re missing out! ?

Honestly you guys, being on Instagram has been such a blessing for my vision for this blog! It’s also been another huge blessing in that it has help me with some other big things I’ve been working on which I’m going to have to tell you guys tomorrow! It has to do with this pic right here! ?

Anyway, I will give you guys a bit more details on what specifically besides being on Instagram that I have been up to the last half year because I have been up to some really good things that I would like to share with you guys but this post is getting to be way too long!

So come back tomorrow and I will share the great news with you!

Thank you for hanging in with me! I appreciate you guys so much!


  1. Denise Murchison

    No matter what the reasons, welcome back. We will take whatever you want to give.

    1. Vanessa

      you’re very sweet Denise! Thank you so much!

  2. Kelli

    Vanessa, you have done an amazing job growing your following and showcasing so much beauty! Nice work! I know you have been working hard. 🙂

    1. Vanessa

      Aw Kelli, that means so much to me! How have you been friend?

  3. Addie

    Welcome back…nice to see you back in my in box!!!

    1. Vanessa

      you’ve made me smile girlie! Thank you so much


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