Cold crops in the garden are in!

Did you know that I was a gardener? Ha ha! Me neither! However, I did decide I was gonna learn gardening a couple years ago! Since then it’s gone OK! Most of the time, I last until somewhere in the middle of August and then I quit! But this year I’m determined to garden all year around and my cold crops are giving me all the motivation to keep it up!

Cold crop gardening, Spring garden


Well, since we built the raise beds last year I had been so eager to get going in the garden early this year! One thing I’ve never had much luck with is call crops because we never made it to the garden in time to till the ground and get it ready for spring crops!  By the time fall came, I would’ve been so discouraged from summer garden weeding that the garden would’ve never seen my face in the fall!

Cold crop gardening, Spring garden


But this year was different! Because we built the raise beds last year, there wasn’t as much prep to be done to the ground! I got to the garden as soon as it warmed up and planted my cold crops!

By the way, cold crops are those plants that don’t do so well in the summertime! They need cool weather! So your best bet is to plant them in the very late winter/ very early spring!

Cold crop gardening, Spring garden


Well you guys, I made it on time this late winter early spring and I am now starting to reap the harvest! I am so excited! I have never been successful at growing broccoli before because I’ve always planted them too late!

Cold crop gardening, Spring garden


The cabbage and Brussels sprouts are well on track to produce and I just can’t wait! As soon as they are ready, I will share!  Hey, I may even share some of our favorite recipes with some of these yummy garden treats!

Cold crop gardening, Spring garden


Do you garden? It’s slowly become a favorite passion of mine and having raised beds has made it so much more efficient! I think I have some pictures of when we built the very first bed and so I’ll do just a very quick kind-of-sort-of tutorial for you guys on how we did this sometime in the near future!

Have a good day you guys! Happy gardening!

Many blessings,


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