Vintage French Country Dresser makeover

I have been hiding an itty bitty tiny little secret from you guys. Over the last month or so, we I have been slowly but surely giving our bedroom a tiny bit of a makeover. Husbs could not care less. He was fine with it the way that it was before and does not really see the need for this change. Our bedroom was not in bad shape, it just was not intentionally design. For a long while, I loved it and I still do. I just want to revisit the layout of the room to see if there is a better way that we can make the space work for us. I love french country and so I was really hoping to find a french country dresser for a reasonable price and that I did.

painted dresser


painted dresser


painted dresser


This piece is a combination of 2 different pieces. The bottom piece (dresser) was found at good will for $50. I ran to it and almost hugged it. I initially planned on selling it but that did not last long. Eventually, I talked myself into keeping it and that was a good decision.

IMG_3856 IMG_3857


Husbs found the mirror at the dump a few months ago. We take our trash to the dump instead of paying a trash truck to come pick it up. One of the benefits of that is that often, you can find pieces of furniture on the side waiting to be destroyed. Husbs is the one who makes the trip to the dumpster and he is always thoughtful enough to look for things that I may like. Isn’t he such a keeper?

IMG_4028 IMG_4027


I started out by thoroughly cleaning this dresser. I am not sure where this thing had been stored but it was really dirty. At one point, I removed all of the drawers and hosed it down using the hardest setting on the hose. I used a scrub brush to scrub off all of the dirt and then let it dry. Once that was done,  I wiped it down with vinegar to kill germs. I do this with most of the furniture that I get secondhand. At this point, it stunk more than ever because the old wood had not completely dried yet and therefore was emitting a musty smell and as you can imagine, the vinegar did not help. However, after a few hours in the blazing hot summer sun, it was all dried and smell free. The mirror has a very similar story: wash, dry, wipe with vinegar, and paint.


painted dresser


I went ahead and did 3 coats of white paint on each. The dresser has gorgeous detail and I wanted to make sure that I left enough of those details unpainted so as to display the beauty of it all! I just dried brushed those areas. I did the same for the hardware.

painted dresser


painted dresser


painted dresser

I love how these pieces are working together. I had intended to turn this mirror into a chalk board but I randomly sat it on this dresser after I painted the frame and loved it. For now, it will remain.

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painted dresser

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  1. Kathy K.

    It’s beautiful! May I ask what color white you used? Thanks!


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