DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

You guys know that some subtle changes have been happening around our kitchen. Nothing Major! We added the most lovely vintage kitchen windows to the bare wall for a bit more charm. To style that, I moved the ceramic chicken head that was on top of the window to the right, above the windows. This left that space bare and I was itching to do something with it. I had always admired those farmhouse kitchen signs and decided to make my own. This DIY Farmhouse kitchen sign was not hard at all, you guys and here’s how I did it

kitchen farmhouse sign



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  • Wood of your choice
  • HP LaserJet Pro (you have to use a laserjet and not an inkjet. I use this one for all of my projects)
  • Computer
  • Citri-solv
  • Microsoft power point
  • A spoon
  • A brush

I started out by typing out the phrase that I wanted in Microsoft Power Point and choose a font and size That would fit on the board. It also does not hurt to choose something with a little bit of vintage touch! I used the font “stencil,” and the size 375. I made my words fit on 4 separate sheets of paper. I like to use Microsoft word for these projects because I find it easiest to flip an image 180 degrees. Once I flipped the image 180 degrees, I printed the pages and removed any extra white space as necessary to make sure that all of my letters in each word were spaced properly. I did a bit more space between the words than I did for the letters.

general store sign in lynchburg


general store sign in kitchen 1


Remember that dresser that I turned into the kitchen island? Well, the top of the dresser was still laying in the shed and it was the perfect length for this projectI had hubs cut it to the right width for me and that is what I ended up using for this project. To antique it, I used some grey paint that I had laying around to dry brush it. Instead of using a brush, I used a rag and scrubbed the paint in. I let that dry for about 5 minutes with the fan on and then used a slightly damp rag to remove a bit more paint where I thought it necessary.





Once that was dry, I lined my letters, and worked in sections. I brushed the GE in “GEneral” first with the CitriSolv, let that dry for about 30 seconds before I laid it on the board, and scrubbed it off with the back and edge of the spoon. For more details, watch this video that I did on this method a few months back. You can skip to 5:45 in the video to see this part 🙂kitchen farmhouse sign


kitchen farmhouse sign


kitchen farmhouse sign


One I finished all of my letters, I let it dry for about 1 minute and voila!

kitchen farmhouse sign



kitchen farmhouse sign



kitchen farmhouse sign


kitchen farmhouse sign


kitchen farmhouse sign

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Many blessings,


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  1. Nancy

    Very cute sign!! Good job!! It is quite adorable…It gives your kitchen a great look.

    1. Vanessa

      Thank you so much Nancy!

  2. Kelli

    This looks great Vanessa! I’ve done some similar projects with a liquitex gel, but I will have to try this one. The sign looks really good and perfect for your kitchen!!

    1. Vanessa

      Thanks so much Kelli 🙂


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